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Deliverance Practicum- Calgary, AB


This is our first annual event, demonstrating the new things SLG has learned about deliverance in the last year.  Note that this is for next year – 2017

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Hardly a week goes without our learning something new about deliverance – even though we are not a deliverance ministry and are not trying to learn these things!  When critters pop up, we try to get rid of them, and the recalcitrant ones invariably teach us some new things.

Our plan is to do an annual event on the first Saturday in May in Calgary and the first Saturday in August, in Anaheim to demonstrate what we have learned.  We want to disseminate the information widely to practitioners who are hands on, in the trenches.

While our target group is practitioners, anyone may come.

The event will be a day long series of live deliverance sessions with volunteers from the audience.  We will record it and make it available as a CD album and download after careful editing.

We are not planning on doing entry level deliverance.  If you have been through significant deliverance elsewhere, made measurable progress, but have a particular area where you are stuck, you can write me at  and describe the problem.  If it falls within the range of something we have new tools for, we will put you on the list of available volunteers.

Calgary:  Venue TBA


April 29, 2017


9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.