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Unleash the Power of Your Story


It’s easy to accept the good parts of our lives.  It’s not so easy to accept the bad parts.  But it is all a part of you and your emotional reaction matters.  It affects your relationship to your timeline and how much of the transcendent power of God can flow through your story to the rest of the world.

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God has given us the gift of emotionally engaging with our experiences.  This gives us the freedom to accept or reject those experiences as part of the whole of our lives.  What we may not realize is that distancing ourselves from our lives has a cascade effect that begins with our relationship to time.  It is in the context of time that we live and our timeline begins to look like a rail bed with pieces of the track missing.  We become emotionally unstable, ungrounded and lacking in vision for the future.  

The truth we need to embrace is that God is writing our stories and every experience is a part of it.  He knows the essence He put in us and the lifetime that will unpack it.  The power and the beauty come when we can accept all the chapters in the book of our lives and the transcendent nature of God can flow from eternity into time and through us.