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11. Pure Joy! - ten books


The sound of children playing joyously is one of the most delightful parts of parenting. This book provides parenting tips and blessings of joy which will impact your children's spirit and soul, and affect the emotional climate of your home.

This is a pack of 10 books.

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Two of the marks of emotional maturity are your capacity for joy and your ability to get back to joy swiftly from a toxic emotion.

Our ability as adults to handle the vicissitudes of life is a product of our nurture. It is primarily in the first 18 months after birth that our biological capacity for joy is developed. If your brain and soul did not have a high-joy environment as children, it is doubly important for your spirit to be nurtured in adulthood.

Your spirit has a different capacity for joy than your soul. When your spirit is well nurtured with joy blessings, it will significantly blunt the impact of a traumatic or an emotionally sterile childhood.

Crystal is a young mother, so in addition to crafting blessings for children in and out of the womb, she added helpful tips for moms, so they can keep their joy in the midst of the disruptive dynamic called parenting.

This is a pack of 10 books.