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Healing Spirit, Soul and Body


Starting with the Seat of Dominion and ending with the coccyx, this album is collection of specialty tools for your spirit, soul and body.  This material is extracted from the Healing Tools Podcast series.

This is a six CD set

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Back in the day, physical healing was simple. You had four “humors” and when they got out of balance, you needed to be bled for a while.

Today, healing on the level of spirit, soul and body is vastly more complex and nuanced.

This album is a collection of stand-alone nuggets addressing issues that are not often discussed in the large-scale exploration of healing.

Here are the track titles so you can see the broad range of topics discussed.

CD 01 – Design of the Spirit

1. Seat of Dominion

2. Process vs. Structure

3. Discernment

4. Scripture Favorites

5. Discovery of Design


CD 02 – Challenges to the Spirit

1. Yielding Treasures

2. Thin Places

3. In the Womb

4. Behemoth

5. Stuck Offices

6. Discouragement

7. Things to Know


CD 03 – Breaking the Soul

1. Twisted Expectations

2. Broken Dreams

3. Anger & Design

4. Gaslighting


CD 04 – The Soul in Community

1. Father's Voice

2. Dangerous Community

3. Permissions


CD 05 – Healing the Soul

1. Sequencing Emotions

2. Abundance

3. Beauty

4. Wisdom


CD 06 – Design of the Body

1. Amygdala

2. Curse on Childbirth

3. Releasing Trauma

4. Spine

5. Coccyx


This album was released in 2018.

This is a six CD set.