About Us

Jenna Tischer Jenna is resourceful. Her keen observation skills have helped her see unique details that most people miss and she is quick to capitalize on them in productive and creative ways. Business has been her passion and even as a child she spent her days collecting and reselling golf balls. As a young girl she spent many hours working in her parents' various businesses and she thrived in the entrepreneurial environment. Her work ethic and determination enabled her to overcome many obstacles and ‘ceilings of limitations’ that others tried to place over her.

Jenna lives in the realm of the impossible and she sees possibilities and resources all around her. She believes in the value of hard work and productive pain in order to be transformed into Christ’s image and this has not always been an easy road. Her robust will has been a tremendous asset and her greatest battleground as she journeys through the challenges of life. Her desire is to be submitted to the Kingship of Jesus Christ and have His life flow through her. The teachings and tools that have come out of Sapphire Leadership have revolutionized her thinking and she is quick to apply truth and look for the fruit in her life and in the lives of her community. And speaking of community, Jenna is actively involved in a weekly blessing group that is eager to grow and be life giving to others.

These days Jenna is enjoying being a mom, but she still loves to be involved in diverse activities. She brings her experience and administrative wisdom to her parents' business in training office staff and she is passionate about organizing and purchasing toys for hundreds of shoeboxes in order to bring the good news of Jesus to children around the world. She is excited to partner with the Sapphire team in providing life giving resources to the people in her beloved nation of Canada.

Mary Belt
May 3, 2015