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Canceled: Healing Manhood Part 1

March 28, 2020- Toronto, ON

Please Note: This event has been canceled. 

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How do you measure manhood?


David’s future father-in-law required him to prove he could kill people, before he was considered man enough to marry the bride.


My future father-in-law was much more concerned over whether I could earn enough money to support his daughter.


Across a multitude of cultures, those two metrics persist.  Can you break?  Can you build?


Each of those, of course, has myriad subsets.  In the ghetto, breaking consists of how much graffiti you spray.  For hunters, it is how big a rack or a pelt you acquire.


Building might be the size of your farm, or your Twitter footprint. 


Beside cultural variants, there are the redemptive gifts.  Should a male Exhorter measure his manhood the same way a male Giver does?


All of this, and more, will be explored through an uncommon Biblical metric for manhood.


But this is not just an analysis of cultural defects.  Far more than that, it is a time of deep healing for the wounds created in men by families, institutions and the culture at large.


Whether you are a man or a woman, there are healing principles to be embraced here.


Whether you are a man, seeking to walk in the fullness of manhood, or a parent or grandparent, seeking to anchor the next generation in legitimate manhood early on, there are valuable tools here.