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Where the Living Treasure Lies


The Mercy gift is a Mac in a PC world with a deep need to fit in.  The result is a lot of pain, frustration, and lack of fulfillment.  Many Mercys decide they are done with pain, and they carve out a comfortable spot in life and stay there.  But the answer isn't to avoid pain.  The answer is to embrace the right kind of pain.

This is a four CD set.

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Many of us have eaten a lot of pain in the process of growing up, only to discover that our agony produced something that isn't who we really are.  Often times this causes the Mercy to shirk away from anything related to pain or growth.  We choose instead to live primarily in the realm of what comes easily to us.

This is a position as deadly as trying to be someone we are not.  We will spend our lives profoundly stuck, contributing little of our unique value to the rest of the world.

The critical point is knowing what kind of pain to embrace.  To experience true fulfillment we must embrace the seemingly unnatural and usually painful process of growing into our design.  This is where the living treasure lies.

This teaching presents some tools for unlocking the treasures of the Mercy gift. Key areas are identified as places where the Mercy must embrace pain to move forward in their lives and unlock the God-given immensity of who they are.

This is a four CD set.